06 March 2009


http://twitter.com/ironchefgrits uh huh. thx.

26 August 2008

kim chee and grits

Yesterday I realized I'll forever be caught in between: here/there; us/them; up/down; writing/erasing; hot/cold; new/old; rich/poor (well screw poor); black/white; fat/skinny; on/off; leather/silk; pissed/happy; full/empty; you/me. I can't even push the buttons on my remote control because my nails are too long, or are the buttons too tiny? What the hell? Meanwhile, I love my seamstress and the weather is perfect. As usual.

19 June 2008


All this time I'd been waiting, the ONE thing I've always wanted. And I got it, today. Sweet as hell. For real.

15 December 2007


Ok so I leave for like 8 months, come back, all you folk done stopped blogging. What. In. The. Hell? Oh well. I got some new Nike's. Finally. After 5 years. It's snow everywhere. I'm happy. Hope you had a good year....

24 May 2007

I'm done with this blog. Well, I made a new one. But its invitation only. Same person, same stance, same style, different attitude. Maybe. It's been real... If you don't get an email with details on how/where to access my site, then either let me know in the comment area or send me an email. I'll grant access accordingly...


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